Rules & Regulations

  1. The term of the schooling/education is two (2) years, where the student vows to fulfill his academic requirements and pay four thousand pesos (Php 4,000.00) every month, and four thousand five hundred pesos (Php 4,500.00) deposit upon entering the school. (the deposit will serve as travel expenses, just in case the student needs to go home ).

  2. If the Student achieved a TOTAL GRADE/AVERAGE of 95% or higher, the students will be granted a 100% discount on his tuition fee. Meaning, the student is free from paying the tuition fee.

  3. To be qualified for another one (1) year additional program, the student must achieved or finished the following:
    • The student graduates/finishes his two (2) year programs in Al- maarif Educational Center.
    • With at least very good academic standing.
    • Did not commit any violations.
    • Passed the oral interview and written examination.

  4. The students are not allowed to have any vacation within the term of schooling.

  5. The students need to practice and show the good characteristics of Islam.

  6. The students must follow or obey the said rules and regulations of the school.

  7. The students are required to attend prayers (salah) in its proper time.

  8. The students are required to attend the lectures and activities of the school.

  9. The students are not allowed to engage any altercation or fighting with anyone inside the school or outside the school premises.

  10. The students are not allowed to bring firearms, knives, or any deadly weapons inside the school.

  11. The students are not allowed to bring any communication devices such as cell phones, telephones, 2 ways radio, etc. inside the school.

  12. The students are not allowed to bring any electrical equipments inside the school premises. Unless he has a written permit from the school administration.

  13. The students are not allowed to go out of the school without permission from the school administration.

  14. The students are not allowed to speak their native/own dialects or languages after 3 months. The students are allowed to speak Arabic language only.

  15. The students are obliged to take care of the school properties and to handle it with care. And to maintain its good quality and cleanliness.

  16. The students are forbidden from being arrogant and to take on fanaticism, tribalism, or patriotism to others. And the students are expected to vow against these matters.

  17. The students are not allowed to smoke or do anything that is prohibited or forbidden from Islam inside or outside the school.

  18. If the student is unsuccessful or fail 3 subjects in any semester, the student will be terminated from the school and give advice to go home.

  19. Whoever breaks or violates in any of the said conditions shall received a first warning. The final warning shall be given to those students who violates at the second time. The third offense or violation will cause the students to be terminated from the school.

  20. The student may also be terminated from the school even if in the first offense, if the Board of Administration agree to execute an automatic termination to the student, then it is possible.

  21. The student must not blame the school if unexpected incident happens like physical injury, sickness or death. For the reason that the student safety are one of the utmost concern of the school.

  22. The students must provide their own personal care or toiletries (i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.).


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