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Brothers and Sisters, in behalf of all our faculty members, employees and staffs, I would like to introduce to you that the ALMAARIF EDUCATIONAL CENTER, INC. has been successively running in Baguio City for eighteen years now. The educational system of this Institution was small program at start, our beloved students graduate every 4 months. And maybe about two years well progression, hard work, confidence, determination, and believe that we could do something better to improve our system. So we changed our old educational system to a new, well, and innovated system. We changed our length of schooling like other schools where every year there is a graduation rite.

Location of the Institute

The choice of strategic location of any meaningful action, which the planner hopes to achieve the apparent goal, has a big role in success. To achieve its goals, the location of the Institute has selected an appropriate site. It is established to take the lead in spreading Islam and its teachings of tolerance and social harmony. In order to produce and supply the country with decent cadres and distinct knowledge of morals, even exposed its strength of character throughout the country east and west, south and north, the Institute is located in the city of prestigious cities, world-renowned tourist spot and amazing scenery that tourists can hardly find in other global cities, and this city is (Baguio City), the summer capital of the Philippines and summer tourism, the highest and oldest city in northern Philippines.

Definition of the Institute

The Institute of Islamic knowledge has no extension or branch, however, a school of open knowledge aims to propagate Islam in the way and practices of Ahl Sunna wal Jamaa (Sunni sect) scientifically and practically, and also contributes significantly to the preparation of good generation, education and upbringing of the children of Muslims from different regions across the country by offering scholarship within three years consecutively, during which students are studying Islamic Laws and studies in concentration and intensive. The study is programmed that student will graduate and has completed different Islamic values and educations, not to mention their expertise and well versed to speak Arabic Language fluently with articulate eloquence.

The Institute nurtures students during the period mentioned above, continuous without break by traveling to their areas until they completed their studies. The Institute is trying to absorb the students in the melting pot of Islam fully, and then send them to their different places respectively meet other Islamic advocates who were working and following good approach of the previous good generations.

The study at the institute is equivalent to secondary education schools and other institutes in terms of educational level until student will qualify for study at university, and that is because of:
  • Method and the coverage and originality, because it is derived from the true Islamic knowledge and science whose Author is Pure.
  • Its excellent way to follow up the implementation of the curriculum and interaction with teachers in terms of students ability and performance.
  • Pick and choose qualified teachers who are knowledgeable, intellectual and has good moral.
  • Supervising the teachers continuously in their dealings with their students, and their management with the activities and cultural and educational programs.
  • Selecting the students who excelled in their studies in terms of Islamic knowledge and commitment with good ethics and morals.
  • Days of study at the Institute are six days, from Saturday to Thursday.
  • Intensive educational and literary activities and its regeneration, which completed the course syllabus.
All of these made a student, who passed all levels of study at the Institute, far excellent than others in Islamic knowledge and practice.

Not to forget to mention in this respect, are the reasons for the success of the Institute in attracting talented students from all different areas of the Philippines, and their encouragement to be its product, which is noted in the recent days are in high demand by students and many applications for registration.

One of the most important matters of these reasons:
  • The shortening of course duration, which does not adversely affect the future study of the student, did not include the other school stages, such as the primary and preparatory. It is not included in the curriculum to reduce the burden of learning unnecessary lessons.
  • To ensure all students needs of accommodations, dining rooms and the provision of school equipments, health services, during their presence in the Institute.
  • To provide outstanding students to continue their study abroad through scholarships.
  • The location of the institute is attractive because it is located in the tourist city and destinations.
  • the production quality of the Institute and distinguished students in knowledge and practice, which made the Islamic advocates interested to look into the Institute with admiration and appreciation.

History of the Institute

The Institute has multiple stages in order to reach better way to achieve the desired objectives, as follows:

Phase I:

The institute was launched and appeared on the scene in 1995 by holding of symposiums, lectures, intensive classes. Invited were knowledgeable personalities, Islamic advocates and other eminent persons interested in Islam and contemporary issues, for the purpose of the delivery of legitimate Islamic knowledge, and provide them with methods designated in the deployment of Peace Advocacy, at the same time with the notice of schemes and ideas hostile to Islam and peace and its people, also by discovering its means, objectives, without its exposure yet. The Institute has remained in this stage up to 1998. Phase II:

In 1998, the educational and advocate activities of the Institute developed into a descriptive regular classes for two full years in four levels of study, which embraces at least two hundred students. It is operating on a firm approach and aims to provide an integrated community with best graduate products packed with legitimate Islamic knowledge, and distinct ways and ethics.

The Institute has remained to this stage until 2005.

Phase III:

At the beginning of this academic year in 2006 for the context of effective development of the Institute, and expansion of educational, advocacy and education, a one-year study period has been added. It became a full three years, which increased strong and distinguished production of the Institute, and to be able to qualify the inheritance of the Prophet, peace and truth advocate.

Activities of the Institute:

The work and activities of the Institute are currently as follows:

Teaching and Educational activities:

It is already mentioned, a descriptive regular and intensive study in the classroom, from morning to noon five sessions a day, six days a week (Saturday to Thursday).

Values Education:

The part of Islamic values education is of great importance in building a personal integrated student, It is part of education, without which, benefits for young will not be reaped. The values education of the Institute is in a variety of renewable in the following examples:
  • spiritual culture, we mean the endorsement among the students urged them to worship supererogatory fasting and prayers, and commitment to Islamic morality and so on.
  • physical education, such as some sports to revitalize the physical body and rid off dust of boredom.
  • literary education, such as: lessons conducted every afternoon except on Friday which are performed by the faculty members. This also includes various literary competitions, training students to speak fluently, and face the public, in addition to these workshops, teaching the Koran after dawn prayers daily.

The Institute determined in coordination with its student graduates in various areas of work and healthy activities, and giving them some aid and moral kind of books and sound guidance on an ongoing basis.

It also trains students who are still under study on field work, and sent to some mosques and Islamic centers around the city (Baguio) and beyond.

A special office of the Institute, invite non-Muslims to ask and explore the prosperous, miraculous and rich history and culture of Islam. The institute is giving lessons to various schools(government or non-governmental) through distribution of books, pamphlets and leaflets translated into local language and english. Thank ALLAH (God) Almighty, may ALLAH continue his guidance and blessings to those people who worked hard to clarify the misconception, false impression and misunderstanding about Islam.

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