Director's Message

Brothers and Sisters, in behalf of all our faculty members, employees and staffs, I would like to introduce to you that the ALMAARIF EDUCATIONAL CENTER, INC. has been successively running in Baguio City for eighteen years now. The educational system of this Institution was small program at start, our beloved students graduate every 4 months. And maybe about two years well progression, hard work, confidence, determination, and believe that we could do something better to improve our system. So we changed our old educational system to a new, well, and innovated system. We changed our length of schooling like other schools where every year there is a graduation rite.
The ALMAARIF EDUCATIONAL CENTER, INC. is like other schools in our country. The quantity of students and quality of teaching may differ on different schools and universities. But, in general all schools and universities are identical. Lots of students or thousands of students studied and then graduate from different schools and universities in our country.
In this existence, as a human we have also our differences in terms of opinions, beliefs, thoughts, ways of life, etc. After graduation some of the students here in Philippines or in the other countries choose to live in different ways, in their own ways of living even if it may go against the government, we know that!!!. Like ALMAARIF EDUCATIONAL CENTER, INC. there were many students who graduated from this institution, and we don’t know what they do for living because after graduation we don’t have any communications. So, because of some undesirable and unwanted circumstances, if ever our police intelligent group or our military intelligent group finds or capture someone or a group of people who studied and graduated in our institution and performed any act of illegal activities which are against to our government, please don’t make us among of them. Because we are innocent from their illegal activities, and we don’t like that. For more and comprehensive information you can just ask the City Hall of Baguio about us, especially the City Mayor, Honorable Mayor DOMOGAN, the City Vice Mayor, Honorable DANIEL FARINIAS and the Lone District Representative, Honorable Congressman VERGARA and some Officials of this City. Because they know us and also we know them very well, in other words we have “good relationships”. Particularly the City Vice Mayor of Baguio because he is our legal counsel from the beginning up to this day. And also he is one of the most intelligent professors in our institution.
What is worth mentioning here is that the ALMAARIF EDUCATIONAL CENTER, INC. has helped our country educate young Muslims to the true knowledge and understanding of Islam. In view of the fact that, the Muslim people who has true knowledge about Islam or Islamic ways are good people. And now, because of ALMAARIF’s help and support there are many young Muslims who are studying in different universities of Arabs and other Islamic countries, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So most of our students are professionals, bachelor degree holders, and now many of them are working outside the country because of ALMAARIF’s help. As well as, there are many students from this institution who are now teaching in different public schools under the Department of Education (DepEd) in our country. Meaning, the ALMAARIF institution also helps our country develop good Muslim community and livelihood.
Brothers and Sisters, I, as the president and director of the ALMAARIF EDUCATIONAL CENTER, INC. I want to recommend and give advice to all of our students who studied and graduated in our institution to study more and further their knowledge about Islam. And to see clearly and splendidly what could be in their way, because there are many things may possibly ruin or destroy their good plans and good views in life. And perhaps many groups will convince them to join with them or to enter in their different and unlikely activities where it may break or destroy their good objectives and good approach to everyone to worship to ONE GOD (“ALLAH”). And this is our major and most important obligation to our GOD (“ALLAH”), to worship none but ALLAH (s.w.t), and that we shall ascribe no partner unto Him.
Brothers and Sisters, before I end this message I want to share some of my little knowledge about Islam. The Islam is innocent from any illegal activities of all Muslims in the world, because the Islam is a religion of ONE GOD (“ALLAH”). ALLAH (s.w.t) is very clean, immaculate, free from wrong, and free from any bad things or bad deeds, which usually finds in polytheism activities. The one GOD (”ALLAH”) said: “ indeed, He is but one God. And indeed, I am free of what you associate”. And He also said: “Say, OH PROPHET Mohammad – peace be upon HIM – ‘ My Lord has only forbidden immoralities – what is apparent of them and what is concealed – and sin, and oppression without right, and that you associate with ALLAH that for which He has not sent down authority, and that you say about ALLAH that which you do not know”.
In addition to that; The Islam is a complete way of guidance, and Islam is a complete way of living. Islam helps you to change your life and drives you to promote and develop good education, community progress, and livelihood. And Islam also helps you to acquire the true happiness in life, it teaches you the true meaning of living, to be contented and thanking ALLAH "the only GOD" (s.w.t) of what you have. And Islam truly gives you an everlasting happiness, joy, and peace in the hereafter.
Lastly, I pray to Allah (s.w.t.) to protect us all from any evil acts, hardship, and misfortunes in life. May ALLAH (s.w.t) give us the most beautiful, lovely and satisfying life ---like what we have been dreamed of in this life and specially the hereafter. Amen.

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