Hadith of the Week

" Narrated by Abu Bakra: Allah's Apostle said thrice, "Shall I not inform you of the biggest of the great sins?" We said, "Yes, O Allah's Apostle" He said, "To join partners in worship with Allah: to be undutiful to one's parents." The Prophet sat up after he had been reclining and added, "And I warn you against giving forged statement and a false witness; I warn you against giving a forged statement and a false witness." The Prophet kept on saying that warning till we thought that he would not stop. "
"Hadith is an Arabic word that means in English 'saying'. In Islam religion, Hadith refers to a narration of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Prophet sayings (Hadith) plus his practices and doings are called in Arabic 'Sunnah'."
The scholars of the Hadith literature divided the Traditions into categories according to the degree of authenticity and reliability, each category had to meet certain criteria.
The categories are as follows:
  1. Sahih: The genuine Traditions, the authentic ones.
  2. Moothaq: Almost like the Sahih but the narration is not as strong as those of the Sahih.
  3. Hasan: The fair Traditions although inferior in matter of authenticity.
  4. Dha'eef: The weak Traditions which are not so reliable.

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